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Q. Who can use your services and why should we use you?

A. Both serving and retired officers including their families can use use us, especially with regards to Family Court matters we can save you money.


We can also help with linked criminal matters.


Q. What areas can you help me with. 

A.  Employment tribunals, Family Law, Domestic abuse,  Stalking, Harassment and whistleblowing.


Q. Are you a charity?

A. No, we are a business with a passion, we have offered pro bono assistance for the past 20 years, we now operate as a small business and continue to be supported by volunteers.


Q. What about initial help and  funding?

A. In the first instance, if you are a subscribing member you should approach the Police Federation if you are a police officer or your union if you are police staff and they may be able to help you with representation.

Q. Can I deal with an employment tribunal case on my own?

A. Of course, you are considered a Litigant in Person (LIP). We also provide a Paralegal and McKenzie Friend service to help those unable to afford solicitors, we can help with as much or as little help that they may need.

Q. Do you do pro bono cases?

A. Yes however, we have limited resources so will only become involved in cases where claimant's are unrepresented and are suffering with their mental health as a result of their treatment by the force and where there is a risk of police suicide.

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