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IPSG attend 40th memorial of the shooting of Yvonne Fletcher in London.

Myself and IPSG Volunteer Neil Humphries attend the memorial service in St James Square.

It was a moving occasion and Neil Humphries laid a wreath on behalf of 2 Unit Special Patrol Group (SPG), the forerunner of the TSG, we also met former colleagues we had not seen for a few years.

John Murray a former PC has been campaigning for justice for many years as the Metropolitan Police and the Government have let our colleagues down. Yvonne’s killing is the only case in British history of an on-duty police officer whose murderer has not been prosecuted.

I have reproducedJohn Murray's wording from his go fund me page to continue his legal fight for justice for Yvonne

Best wishes and stay safe


Who Am I?

My name is John Murray, and I am a former Metropolitan Police officer.  For forty years, I have been fighting for justice for my murdered friend and colleague, WPC Yvonne Fletcher.

Yvonne was just 25 years old when, on the 17th of April 1984, she was shot in the back by a bullet fired from an automatic weapon by a gunman from the first-floor window of the Libyan Embassy in London.  I was standing next to Yvonne when she was shot and cradled her as she died.  

My promise to Yvonne as she was dying was that I would bring those responsible to justice.

Why Do I Need Your Help?

Yvonne’s killing is the only case in British history of an on-duty police officer whose murderer has not been prosecuted.

This is a national disgrace and an embarrassment to our justice system.  Worse, successive British governments appear to have interfered with the investigation and prosecution of the suspects, especially Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk.

In 2011, Libya descended into civil war, and Gaddafi was deposed.  Despite being the chief suspect in Yvonne’s murder, Mabrouk chose to flee to Britain, confident he would not be prosecuted.  Indeed, the British government granted him asylum to settle here.

But the Met never gave up their hunt to catch Yvonne’s killers and, in 2015, Mabrouk was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit Yvonne’s murder  and thankfully in 2021 my High Court case was able to proceed, and in 2021, a Judge ruled that Mabrouk was responsible for Yvonne’s death.   

Why Do I Need You Now?

But Mabrouk is still living freely in Libya.

For Yvonne’s sake, and for  justice's, Mabrouk must face a criminal trial and, if convicted, be given a custodial sentence.

That is why I am mounting a private criminal prosecution of Mabrouk, independent of the authorities.

I have instructed a specialist legal team of private prosecution specialists, Edmonds Marshall McMahon, Barnaby Jameson KC, and McCue Jury & Partners (who represented me in the civil action). Given the importance of this matter, all these legal experts have agreed to act on a not-for-profit basis. 

Yvonne’s murder was one of the worst crimes ever committed on British soil, and the fact that no one has ever been prosecuted is a stain on Britain’s reputation and, worse, that our own Government has protected him is a scandal.  With your help, we can right these wrongs.

Thank you for your support. 

Please visit John's page and help if you can.

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